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Hailing from one of the smaller places in New York Gyasi aka Jah$ee is a rap artist on the rise with an aged flow and new school swagger to carry the new generation. Influenced by Nas, Master P, Wu-Tang, B.I.G, and Snoop (to name a few) Jahsee has become a product of the 90s which is highly relatable to the youth today while his old school flow favors all ages. Jahsee may be heavily influenced by the south but dont mistake his style for a trap artist. His "Empire State of Mind" style and charismatic attitude puts him in range of many up and coming artist. What separates his music from the weak isn't so much his willingness to put countless hours in the studio, yet its the quality he puts in every track giving it 110% every time. With a growing fan base from all around the country Jahsee is without a doubt the past, present, and future of rap all in one. Its about time you recognize it too.